Hi, I'm Marie Nicole

I help faith based women who are sick of being held back by bulimia, uncage themselves to feel at home in their body, secure in their minds, and confident in their identity.

Let's get serious about why you're here.

You're sick of this. You're sick of the constant internal chaos. You're sick of missing out on your life. You're sick of trying to stop and again finding yourself mid-binge. You're sick of lying, hiding, stealing, and feeling like you're never going to be okay.  You feel powerless to stop, the frustration building each time you are seemingly hijacked, missing out on your own life. 

But you also know there's something "off" about being told you'll have to struggle forever.  

You get angry when you're told you have a problem you will have to manage forever.

You want to believe you're fighting for more than surviving.

You're tired of letting these lies get in the way of who you've been meant to be all along. 

You Want To Be Free

The Truth:

Bulimia is not a life long illness.


+  You can heal your brain and your body. Those bulimia urges can stop for good.

+ You can end the management, meal plans, and trigger warnings.

+  You are safe to discover who you really are, and fall in love with who you are. 

+ You are gifted with incredible capacity for love, empathy, and beautiful impact in the world.

+  You are already worthy, already more than enough, and are already READY to be free. 

+ You are fully known, deeply loved, and radically supported.

Are you willing to see things differently?

Freedom is REAL. Yes, it's real for YOU. 

You get to know who you are, love who you are, and feel confident in who you are. You get to feel at home and secure in your body. You get to eat food with ease, while having a spacious mind to vibrantly move into the rest of your day and life. You get to emerge into the worthy woman you've been meant to be all along.


Be Open To It Being Better Than You Ever Imagined...

Read about why I am different.

I've been there, I've done that, and I'm free. 

And it wasn't by following the rules. 

It was by realizing there is nothing wrong with me. 

Connect With Me

I am not just a face on a website, I want to truly connect with you and hear your heart. 

There is something incredibly powerful about simple connection. Take this step - you are safe, you are valued, and you matter. 

This time is free, with no pressure to work with me. I'm not here to convince you of anything.

Courses and Coaching

Whether you have been struggling for 3 months or your entire life - this is for you.

Whether you are actively bulimic, or in management - this is for you.

Even if you have stepped away from bulimia but still feel ashamed, confused, and not who you want to be - this is for you. 

Say YES by taking the next step:  

Marie is an incredible revolutionary in eating disorder recovery...if you or anyone you know is suffering from this horrible struggle she will lead you, or them to true freedom!!!! 

Marie is the embodiment of beautiful freedom and her methodology for overcoming eating disorders, food, and hot to dissociate from harmful negative thinking will change the world and lives of all whom suffer! I know this, because she did this for me.

–– Meghan, Completed Fundamentals for Freedom Course

Let's Be Friends!

Follow me on social media! I would love to have daily fun with you!

Let's be real, social media is the quickest way to connect! I constantly post new insights, encouragements, and TRUTHS. Follow me to get a feel for who I am,  what I do, and what is possible for YOU. 

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