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Fundamentals Of Freedom 

Group Course:

9-12 weeks

Who this is for: Those who are currently struggling with bulimia. 

What is it?

This is where you gain the building blocks for creating your bridge to freedom. During this time, you'll learn how your brain and body work (the truth this time), why diet culture has never been on your side, and how to become aware of your true beliefs so that you can change your story. 

By bringing all the pieces together of mind, body, and spirit, you will discover you are much closer to freedom then you ever realized, and begin experiencing it for yourself

Flourishing In Freedom

Group Course:

Who this is for: Those who have completed the Fundamentals Of Freedom, OR those who are in "management" of bulimia or binge eating. What do I mean by management? Those who have stepped away from the binge/purge cycle, are eating on a regular basis, but still feel trapped in themselves. 

What is it?

This is expanding on the foundation, to help continue the deep dive into shifting your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences to align with what is really true and healing the experiences of the past, to create ripple effects of your true identity through every area of your life. 

Healing Your Identity

Group Course

Who this is for: Anyone who has spent their life wrapped up food and body so that they could have a hope at being who they truly want to be. Those who are tired of striving, never feel "enough", and just want to "arrive" already and live their true life as their true selves. 

What is it?

This is a time to peel back and let go of all the lies and toxicity that has indoctrinated and morphed your view on who you really are. During this time, you are loved into the true reality of your identity, where you let go of the shame, striving, and frustration, and embody confidence, security, and worthiness.  

Basically walking away with everything you thought food and body control could give you, but without all the BS. 

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